A Niche for Everyone

There are appearing new sites in the dating world even more frequently now than before. The niches that are being targeted are also becoming increasingly specific. Soon there will probably be a dating site for almost every interest we can think of. This phenomenon brings with it both positive and negative aspects.


On the positive side, it's often easier to find someone we like when we both share the same interests or have something else in common. So meeting other singles through these niche specific dating sites might result in a better chance of finding a long term relationship, or at least meeting someone we are able to get along well with.


On the other hand, because of the specific group of people that these sites cater to are smaller than are smaller than that of a more general dating site, the user base will most likely also be smaller here. This means that there won't be as many other singles to choose from.


Ultimately, it all comes down to your own preferences. Is it important for you that your partner shares the same interests as you? Or would you rather choose from a wider variety of singles to find someone who matches your preferences?


Cool New Dating App

There is a new dating app available, made specifically for people that would like to meet up for a date at the movies. This can definitely be a good idea. Say goodbye to awkward silence on your dates, because you don't really have to say much when you are at the cinema. Maybe you'll even have an easier time making conversation when the both of you share an interest in movies. And this venue is great for romance. The room is dark except for the screen of course, and there is often a feeling of excitement (depending on the movie). So it's very simple to show interest by holding your dates hand, or if you're a guy, putting your arm around her (please don't pretend yawning to set it up). Horror movies would be the ideal genre for getting close to eachother, if you're both into that. The app is called Cinemeet, and is a pretty newly started company. We think it's looking very promising.

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What person is right for you?

If we knew the definite answer to this question, there would be no need to keep searching on dating sites. Obviously the answer is different for everyone, and what applies to you might not work for someone else. But there are a few things that can be looked at, that applies for most people.

One of them are interests. Sharing interests with another person can definitely be an indication that you go well together. This is even more true for values. If you have the same values as your partner, and appreciate the same (or similar) things, it's more likely that you will get along. But sometimes the opposite is also true, and in those cases the couple manages to complete each other instead of adding to their beliefs and values.

Sometimes a gut feeling can tell if the other person is someone you would like. This is more of an intuition than an analytical process. But this happens more rarely on dating sites than in real life, because you seldom get the full picture before meeting someone in person.

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Essential Features on Dating sites

Some dating sites have limited options when it comes to contacting other singles. The best situation is when there are several different ways to make contact. this makes it so much easier. The "poke" feature, and similar options are great to use when trying to get someones attention for the first time. That way you don't have to figure out what to write, but can still reach out. Messages are still a great way to start off, but it can be such a let down when you spend a lot of time writing a personal and funny message, and then get a negative response. Many times you don't even get a response at all. That's why this feature can be such a time saver on dating sites.

Another important thing that should be available for members on a dating site is the option to show matching users. This can be a great indicator of the singles that you might be interesting for you. The system that calculates matching people varies between every one of these sites. Some are working better than others, and some of them are better suited for certain people. The trick is to try different ones and see which works best for you. More information about which one could be the best one for you are available if you just search around the internet. Some of the aspects that can be evaluated and compared are interests, values and similar things. These are important to think about when searching for a date.

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Which dating site is your favorite?

We thought we would get this started by asking you readers a question. Hopefully we can get a conversation started in the comments that we can all benefit from. Which one of all the sites you have tried did you like the best? Our personal favorite is eHarmony, and we will tell you why in a later post, but right now we would like you to come up with your own criteria instead of measuring through ours. If you have not tried any of the services available, take a look at their commercials on youtube and let us know which one looks most appealing. One example is this one:

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