Cool New Dating App

There is a new dating app available, made specifically for people that would like to meet up for a date at the movies. This can definitely be a good idea. Say goodbye to awkward silence on your dates, because you don't really have to say much when you are at the cinema. Maybe you'll even have an easier time making conversation when the both of you share an interest in movies. And this venue is great for romance. The room is dark except for the screen of course, and there is often a feeling of excitement (depending on the movie). So it's very simple to show interest by holding your dates hand, or if you're a guy, putting your arm around her (please don't pretend yawning to set it up). Horror movies would be the ideal genre for getting close to eachother, if you're both into that. The app is called Cinemeet, and is a pretty newly started company. We think it's looking very promising.

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